A Few Basic Questions Regarding Natural Stone Tiles New Homeowners May Need Answered

Posted on: 27 February 2017

Stone tile can be a great flooring option for homeowners that are wanting a beautiful material that will have the durability needed to last for many years. In order to make sure your tiles are kept in the best condition possible, there are several basic questions that you will want to know when it concerns the basics of tile care and maintenance.

What Happens If Natural Stone Tiles Are Not Properly Maintained?

When stone tiles are not properly maintained, they can suffer numerous forms of damage that will greatly reduce their overall appearance. For example, you may find that your stone tiles are becoming dull in appearance or the stones may actually become discolored. Furthermore, the stone tiles may also become more vulnerable to cracking and chipping as the stones can become very brittle.

Does It Matter What Type Of Cleaning Agent You Use On The Tile?

One of the more basic steps in the process of maintaining stone tile will be cleaning it. Dirt, dust, and spills will need to be promptly removed. Failure to clean these substances can allow spills to stain the tiles by soaking into the pores in the stones, and dirt can scratch the tiles.

However, you will need to be careful when it comes to your choice of cleaning solution. Natural stone tiles can suffer major damage from harsh and acidic cleaners. Using these substances even just a few times may actually ruin your stone tiles. Therefore, you will always want to make sure that you are only using cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for the type of stone that makes up your tiles.

What Should You Do If You Accidentally Scratch The Tiles?

There will likely come a time when you want to rearrange the furniture in your home. When you do this, it can be easy to accidentally scratch tiles by dragging these objects across the floor. In addition to being unattractive, these scratches can also compromise the stone by creating gaps in the protection offer by sealants.

For shallow scratches, you may be able to repair this damage by simply applying a sealer to the stones. These sealers will help to mask minor scratches in the stone, but this is unlikely to be effective for deep scratches. When your tiles have developed deep scratches, you may need to have the top layer of the tile refinished or apply stone filler to the scratched area in order to restore its appearance.

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