How To Clean And Refurbish Vintage Metal Patio Furniture

Posted on: 17 March 2017

If you recently inherited some vintage metal patio furniture that has clearly seen better days, then you will be pleased to know that in just a couple days, you can refurbish it and make it look brand new again.

Follow these steps to clean and refurbish your vintage patio furniture like a professional furniture restorer.

Step 1: Rinse off the Patio Furniture with Your Garden Hose

Before you begin to refurbish your patio furniture, first you should remove any surface dirt by washing it off with your garden hose. 

Step 2: Brush off Damaged and Chipping Paint from the Patio Furniture

Once you have washed off the patio furniture, then take a stiff wire brush and brush off any damaged or chipping paint. The metal brush will not damage your patio furniture, and you should work with it to remove as much of the old paint as possible. Work on top of a tarp so the paint chips won't make a mess all around your yard.

Step 3: Sand Down Areas with Rust Growth 

Once rust has started to grow on metal, then it will continue to grow unless it is removed. If you do not remove the rust on your patio furniture, then it will ruin your new paint job within a year or two.  

Remove any visible rust using sandpaper. Once all of the rust has been sanded off, then you need to wipe down your patio furniture with a tacky cloth to ensure it is clean and ready for painting.

Step 4: Spray Paint the Patio Furniture with a Metal Paint Primer

Once the patio furniture has been cleaned and all of the chipped paint and rust has been removed, then you should spray on a coat of primer paint that is made for metal surfaces. The primer coat will make your paint coat look better and last longer. Place each part of your patio set on a tarp while you paint it to prevent damage to your patio's surface. If you aren't sure which primer is appropriate for the furniture, talk with a professional, like Modern Home 2 Go.

Step 5: Spray Paint the Patio Furniture with a Metal Paint

Finally, the last step to make your vintage metal patio furniture look like new is to paint it. The best way to paint your patio furniture is with spray paint that is specifically formulated for painting on metal. When you buy the spray paint, look for one that contains a rust-preventative additive to keep your patio furniture from rusting in the future.