Picture Framing

Posted on: 22 March 2017

It's common for people to use picture frames for their important or memorable photos, paintings, or documents. Why choose to frame a picture? There are several good reasons.

  • First, framing protects the picture. Usually, a layer of glass or acrylic material covers the picture, and it is kept flat and unwrinkled within the frame. Framing might save an important painting or photo from being bent or misshapen, or from a spill that would otherwise ruin it. This is why frames were invented.  
  • Secondly, framing makes it easier to hang pictures. Many people want to hang family photos or beautiful paintings on the walls in their homes. Hanging the picture with tape, glue, nails, or pushpins will damage the picture. However, if it is safe within a frame, you can hang it with an added exterior fixture such as a hook.   
  • Last, framing can add a sense of style to the room or house in which it is displayed. Frames come in a variety of colors such as white, black, brown, bronze, and silver. Frames can be made of wood, plastic, metal or other material with glass or acrylic fronts. You can choose a pre-made frame or get custom framing from an art store.   

Types of Frame 

There are at least a dozen types of picture frame you can use. A few examples have been noted below. 

  • Shadow Box Frames are more box-like than typical, flatter frames. They make the picture stand out by placing it half an inch to an inch deep within the "box." These are a bit harder to hang on the wall, so consult a friend, artist, or home designer who can help you make the best of it.  
  • Collage Frames have more than one space for a photo or painting. They let you make a collage usually of three to five different pictures. Collage frames are great for family photos, several pieces of similar art, or pieces by the same artist.  . 
  • Matted Frames have a paper-based piece of material inside the frame. It serves as an extra decoration as well as protecting the picture from damage. High quality matted frames are used for pictures or documents that you want to archive and keep in great shape. 
  • Magnetic Frames can have one or more magnets attached to the back, or the entire back of the frame might be covered by a magnetic sheet. These frames are perfect for hanging pictures on your refrigerator or other surfaces that respond to magnets.  
  • Theme Decorated Frames are those that are colored and decorated with symbols, letters, or other designs. Sometimes the frame will be brightly colored, and it will often be thicker than the average frames. An example is a baby themed frame with a pastel blue or pink frame with small designs on it like cute baby animals. The theme here, of course, is "baby," but many other themes exist. 

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