Best Methods for Getting Those Curtains Clean

Posted on: 30 March 2017

When it comes to choosing a window treatment, curtains have much more variety in the way of style and patterns to choose from than blinds. Cleaning them, however, requires a bit more care. Whether you follow a strict cleaning schedule, or you notice that your curtains are starting to look a little dingy, it is best to utilize one of the methods below to get your drapes looking like new again.


There's no need to pull your curtains down every time they collect a little dust. Instead, get out your vacuum and use the soft brush attachment. Work your way from the top of the curtains down to the bottom. A static duster or duster cloth would also work if you don't want to break out the vacuum cleaner. If there's more than just a small amount of dust, you'll want to use one of the other options for cleaning the curtains.

Hand Washing

Depending on the type of fabric your curtains are made out of, hand washing may be best. Delicate fabrics can be placed in a bathtub with cold to luke-warm water. Add a detergent that is specifically made for use on delicates and let the curtains soak for a few minutes before working out any dirt and grime with your hands. If you notice the curtains have a bit of an odor, you can also add some baking soda to the bath water. Baking soda is excellent at removing unpleasant smells.

Steam Cleaning

Just like vacuuming, steam cleaning allows you to leave the curtains right where they are. A handheld steam cleaner works best, and although this type of cleaner was once only available to professional cleaners, it is now affordable enough for homeowners to purchase. The first thing you'll want to do is test a small section of the curtain to make sure steam cleaning the fabric won't harm it. Once you've confirmed the fabric can handle the steam, you can work your way from the top of the curtains down to the bottom. 

Washing Machine

Most curtains are machine washable, but you need to read the fabric care label to be sure. If the label indicates it is safe to use the appliance, place the dirty curtains in the washing machine and select the cold water button. Next, turn the knob to the delicate cycle and add your detergent. Just like with hand-washing, you can add some baking soda if the curtains have a particular odor you'd like to get out.

No matter which method you select, curtains are best left to air dry. You can hang them up in the house, or use a clothesline outside. Should the label allow it, you can finish up the curtains by ironing out any wrinkles. For more tips, check out websites like that discuss window treatments.