Tips To Make Your Backyard A Better Environment For Get-Togethers

Posted on: 22 July 2018

Your backyard provides a relaxing environment for you to host socialization events with your friends and neighbors with the accompanying food and drinks. Spending time in your backyard also gives you time to spend in nature to promote relaxation and stress relief in your life. Unfortunately, when your backyard is the home of pests and other irritating insects, it can make the space difficult to fully enjoy. Here are some tips to help you fight the pests and take back your backyard space for your own.

Treat for Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers in your backyard may not be poisonous to you, your family, or visitors, but they can be quite an annoyance when spending time outside. Grasshoppers like to live in any dry grass and weeds that grow in your yard. So to prevent an abundance of grasshoppers living in your yard you should keep any areas of grass trimmed short and sections of weeds pulled to reduce their numbers. In the spring when weeds begin to grow, use your mower to cut them or spray them with an herbicide to kill them.

If you have a vegetable garden where grasshoppers like to feast, you can use a safe treatment to kill their numbers down. Sprinkle household flour onto any plants, such as corn, beans, and other vegetables they prefer, and the flour will get into and clog up their mouths to prevent them from eating further and kill them. You can also try sprinkling diatomaceous earth onto areas in your garden for safe non-chemical treatments.

Get Rid of Harmful Spiders

Spiders, such as the black widow, can become a problem in secluded areas of your backyard and might bite an unsuspecting person who puts their hand into their web. Keep your yard safe by hiring professional home pest control services, especially around any areas where black widow spiders make a nest.

Black widow spiders can make a home in cool and dark areas, such as in a shed, garage, or within a dark window well. Also be on the look-out for any white-colored egg sacks hanging within an erratically-formed black widow web, which you should destroy to prevent further infestations.

Reduce the Mosquito Numbers

Another way to make your backyard more comfortable is by reducing the number of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in any standing water, so dump out any type of basin that collects water within your yard. Then, you can apply a garlic-scented repellent on your lawn, shrubbery, and other vegetation to repel mosquitoes. Garlic has a a smell that is a strong deterrent to mosquitoes and will continue working to keep them from hanging in your yard long after the scent is not noticeable to you and your friends.