Stamped Concrete Patios: Get The Facts

Posted on: 27 November 2018

Patios give you and your family a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors or to spend time with friends and neighbors. If you do not already have a patio in your backyard, then having one installed makes a great remodeling project. One crucial decision to make before starting any work is deciding what type of patio you want. The following article takes a look at one innovative option: stamped concrete patios, which are becoming more and more popular with homeowners.


Stamped concrete is a method of creating designs on a concrete surface. Some of the most popular designs are those that mimic the appearance of other materials, like brick and stone. The goal of using stamped concrete is to have a patio that give your the advantages of a solid concrete surface and that has the visual appeal of other materials. In addition to being used for patios, stamped concrete can also be used to create eye-catching, pool decks, driveways and entryways.


The cost of having a stamped concrete patio can vary depending on several factors. The complexity of the pattern and the number of colors that are used will significantly influence the price. Complex patterns will typically cost more than simple patterns and designs that use a lot of different colors will involve more expense than those that use a single color. In general, however, stamped concrete is very competitive with alternatives such as paved stones, natural stones and bricks. In many cases, stamped concrete will be more affordable than these options.


Maintaining your stamped concrete patio is a fairly straightforward process. Avoid letting any dirt or debris stay on the surface for any extended time. Clean the surface frequently by sweeping it or rinsing it of with a hose. Using a leaf blower to clean it is another good idea. Apply an appropriate sealer every two or three years to prevent any colors from fading. Talk with a professional contractor with experience installing these types of patios about the best sealer to use. You might also want to have the contractor do the sealing job


Although constructing a stamped concrete patio could conceivably be done by a homeowner who has excellent do-it-yourself skills, it's not a job for the average person. Even if you are reasonable handy with tools, this is one job you should leave to the professionals. For advice on having a stamped concrete patio installed on your property, contact a qualified contractor in your area.