Tips To Help You Keep On Top Of Weed Growth This Year

Posted on: 6 January 2019

Before long the spring thaw will arrive and new growth will begin to emerge all throughout your yard. And along with the new vegetation and lawn growing will come an array of weeds that try to choke out your landscaping. Here are some techniques and tips you can use to keep ahead of the spring weed growth this year.

Start Early With Herbicides

One of the first things you want to do is to start an early treatment with your lawn and other vegetation areas. You can find a lawn treatment, which you apply in early spring, which will combat the seeds that have been lying dormant in your lawn over winter. This type of treatment prevents the new growth that arrives with weeds, such as crab grass and dandelions. Be sure to follow the application guidelines and apply the herbicide to ensure its success.

Install Weed Barrier

The next strategy you can use to fight off weed growth is to apply a weed barrier over areas you plan to mulch or lay down gravel or other ground covering. You don't want weeds emerging through your wood chips or bark mulch, and applying a weed barrier will keep your landscaping areas looking nice and neat. Landscaping fabric as a weed barrier will choke out weeds and prevent their germinating from seeds.

Use Controlled Irrigation

A third way to combat weed growth is to not water your weeds. Weeds don't need very much moisture in order to grow in your yard, but by not giving them water, you cut down on their numbers along with their growth. By not watering areas in your landscaping you don't have plants growing, such as between your garden rows or within the mulched areas, you won't provide water for your weeds to thrive.

Drip irrigation is a great way to deliver water only to the plants and vegetation you want to irrigate. Using an aerial sprinkler applies water to your landscaping and garden plants, but also waters the soil where you don't want weeds to grow. Additionally, drip irrigation helps control water loss from evaporation and wind, and efficiently waters your plants with direct root water delivery.

Hire Professional Weed Treatments

Another great way to keep your yard free of weeds is by hiring a professional landscaping company. They will be able to apply weed control herbicide and fertilizers to your lawn and landscaping vegetation while you are busy working and spending time with your family. You can also hire a regular lawn care service to take care of your weekly mowing and edging tasks.