Professional Services To Help You With Your Rental Property

Posted on: 6 February 2019

When you own a rental property, you likely don't have time outside of work and family to take care of clogged toilets, leaking faucets, and late rent. For this reason it is beneficial to hire the right professionals to keep your rental property in order and efficiently making you money. It is important to hire a tax accountant for filing your annual taxes and have an attorney available to handle any evictions. In addition to these tasks, here are some specific maintenance issues a professional plumber and interior painter can handle for you to keep your property in great condition.

Plumbing Maintenance

You never know what your tenants or their children may accidentally or intentionally flush down a toilet in your rental property. Fortunately, a plumbing professional can provide you with emergency and routine plumbing services to handle a variety of problems and also regular plumbing maintenance to keep your property's plumbing working well.

The plumbing professional will be able to handle any plumbing problem, diagnose, and fix it to restore your rental property's plumbing and keep your tenant happy. If your rental property has been having issues with slow drains or repeated clogs, your plumber will investigate the problem to determine if the clog is due to a more serious problem, such as roots in the home's sewer line. Your plumber can use their video camera to visually inspect the line and determine the problem and offer a solution to repair the problem. And if the clog reappears within a short time, they guarantee their work and can return to the property to snake the line again.

Talk to a local plumbing service about signing up with a service contract with them. They may offer you a discount on their services, especially if you have several rental properties that have a great deal of plumbing work.

Interior Painting

Your tenants can be pretty hard on the interior of your rental property, especially during their move into and out of the property. This can leave your rental property with dings and dents along the walls and doors. Hiring an interior painter to complete these repairs for you can save you time and money.

A professional painter will have the expertise to complete the painting work quickly without any spills or sloppy work. And because they focus on painting the interior of your property to prepare it for rent, your property will be ready and available to rent to the next tenant much sooner than if you were to find time to paint its interior.