Drapery Planning Tips To Help You Choose Coverings For Your Home's Windows

Posted on: 14 November 2019

Decorating your home interior can include selecting color schemes, choosing a layout of your furniture, and also considering the comfort of the room. So when you are hanging window treatments to cover the window, it is going to have a big job of providing comfort, aesthetics, and privacy to the interior of your home. Here are some recommendations to help you follow when you are planning to install new curtains in your home's windows.

Consider Your Needs

One of the first things you think of when you choose draperies is how they will look in your home. Their color, style, and appearance can provide a great deal of benefits to your home interior. Look at the style of window you want to be covered with window treatments and where in your home it is located. 

For example, if the window sits high up on a wall, this type of window will need a covering that you can leave in place or you will need to install an automatic switch to open and close it to the sun. Or if the window is above a glass door to the outside, you will need a drapery that you can easily open and close or pull aside when you want to gain entry to the outdoors, such as a vertical blind covering.

Look at the Drapery Material

Another type of consideration is the type of material your drapery is made of. If you are looking for a traditional drapery made of fabric, it is beneficial to select one that consists of a decorative fabric that matches your room colors but also has a lining sewn into the backing. A woven lining on your draperies can provide a majority of the drapery's protection, making the fabric non-see-through and protecting the fabric's coloring from fading from the sun's UV rays. 

The lining of your draperies should also be white or off-white. This looks best when your draperies are closed and the lining is visible from the outside of your home. You don't want a bright pink or emerald green fabric showing from one of the windows of your home, as it can detract from your home's appearance. 

White on the lining of your draperies is also best for the protection from the sun inside your home. The white color best reflects the sun's radiation back outside your home without absorbing it and increasing the temperature inside your home during summer. And when your drapery's lining is a woven fabric, it boosts the curtain's insulation properties. This is beneficial when you close the draperies over the windows in the winter to keep out drafts and cold air.

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