3 Useful Tips When Purchasing Backlit LED Address Numbers For Your Home

Posted on: 10 February 2020

If you have a home, it's important that people can read the address. This is even true at night. In this case, you'll want to purchase backlit LED address numbers. As long as you take into account these tips, these numbers will work out perfectly. 

Choose Optimal Size

Sizing is one of the more important attributes to assess when choosing backlit LED address numbers. There are a lot of sizes today.  You should think about getting numbers large enough for people to be able to see them from a distance. 

What you can do is stand out in the street where people would be when trying to find your house. Then, put up mock examples of different sizes so you can see what comes through in the distance and what doesn't. Taking this approach will help you choose address numbers that are large enough. 

Opt For Weatherproof Design

Since these backlit LED address numbers are going outside, they will be exposed to the elements. You thus need to make sure they have a weatherproof design. Otherwise, they will damage and you'll have to replace them often.

Weatherproof LED address numbers will retain their structural integrity whether it rains, snows, or gets dusty outside. You can find out if these numbers are weatherproof by looking at the description. You should see "weatherproof" somewhere in the description that confirms that these numbers are durable and capable of lasting through extreme weather and temperatures. 

Assess Brightness Levels

For these backlit LED address numbers to effectively work around your property, they need to be bright. Otherwise, you're just wasting your hard-earned money and people may still have trouble finding your house when it gets dark.

There are a couple of ways you can assess the brightness of these numbers. One involves reviewing customer experiences. You can see what homeowners just like yourself feel about the level of brightness with the numbers they purchased. Or, you can visit a store that has these numbers on display. You'll see first-hand what type of brightness you're working with. Either option will help you make a more informed selection that ends up working out. 

A lot of homeowners today are starting to put up backlit LED address numbers on their properties, as they help people see their addresses at night. As long as you focus on impactful features of these letters, you should have no trouble making the right selection the first time.