Are You Worried About The Septic System Handling More People Being At Home? 5 Tips To Keep It Working Properly

Posted on: 27 March 2020

Your home's septic system plays a big role in keeping everyone healthy. Now that the coronavirus has everyone at home more, you may need to pay more attention to how well it is working. Septic systems are generally selected according to the estimated household demand, and they do require some special care on your part to keep them functioning well. Since the last thing you need right now is a sewage emergency, you can use these five tips to keep your home's system in top condition.

Schedule an Inspection 

On average, you should have the septic system inspected every three to five years, but some may need to be checked more often. If you can't remember when you did this last, then now is a good time to do it. Septic tank inspection services catch problems early so that they hopefully don't disrupt your family's ability to use the restroom for long.

Warn Everyone About What Can Go Down the Drain

The coronavirus toilet paper shortage may be a source of interest for many people, but it is no laughing matter for a septic system. Make sure that everyone in your house knows that only septic-safe toilet paper can go down the drain. All other products should be put into the trash to lower the risk of clogs.

Pay Attention to Water Efficiency

With more time at home, you may be doing a lot of spring cleaning. You may also have multiple people all trying to shower or wash clothes at the same time of the day. Ideally, it is best to spread out your use of appliances and fixtures that use water. Doing one load of laundry a day rather than four gives the septic system time to process the water properly.

Be Cautious With Cleaners

Your family may be cleaning more in an effort to cut down on germs. While this is great for your health, you may need to be careful about what types of chemicals are going down the drain. Try to use chemical-based cleaners sparingly since they can disrupt the bacterial balance in the septic tank that helps to break down waste. 

Watch for Signs of an Issue

During your walks outside, be sure to give the septic tank area a check to see if there are signs that it needs maintenance, such as a foul odor or xfsoggy spots on the ground. You can also watch for issues indoors. Toilets that fail to drain properly or that make strange nosies may be a warning sign that trouble is brewing.