4 Reasons You May Need Interior Plant Services

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Interior plant services aren't just for plant design in malls and waiting rooms; the experts who offer these services can provide vital help to your indoor landscaping at home too. Here are four situations where you may need an interior plant service.

1. Your spaces aren't green enough

In some cases, you may have just moved into a house with a large sunroom. You may feel this room would be set off to advantage with a lovely arrangement of palms and tropical foliage, but may not know just which plants to shop for. An interior plant services expert can help you out with the knowledge and skills needed to get your sunroom or conservatory set up.

2. You have plants but need help with care or design

If you're already a plant lover, you could still run into difficulties that require the services of a plant expert. For instance, you may have a collection of plants that just aren't thriving like they used to, perhaps after moving to a new house. Or you may have less time to care for them, and may simply need a technician to water and feed your plants for you.

Or you may have recently acquired some indoor plants, after a lifetime of gardening outdoors, and wonder how best to arrange them. An interior plant services expert can help you with all of these needs.

3. You're unsure if a space has enough light for a plant

If you're hoping to green a specific area of your house but you're unsure if it has enough light, an interior plant expert is a must. These professionals are experts at placing plants in low-light situations such as offices. They can assess the level of available light, tell you which plants will thrive there (if any), and even help you assess additional lighting needs.

4. You need help getting a specific aesthetic

Although they both have fronds, ferns and palms can offer very different looks. Interior plant services experts can help you visualize how different types of plant setups could look in your space.

If you have an idea of a particular aesthetic for the area but aren't sure what plants to use to accomplish it, design tools such as mockups could help. Suggestions from a professional who may be able to translate your vague idea into actual plants can also help you towards that "aha" moment.

As you can see, when it comes to keeping your plants happy indoors and making them look their best, interior plant services should be your go-to.