Four Things To Consider When Getting A Rebate For A High Efficiency Toilet

Posted on: 1 September 2020

In the United States, there are many state and federal programs that offer rebates to encourage homeowners to transition to more efficient appliances. These programs may offer rebates for approved electronics, heating systems, toilets, and more. Getting a high-efficiency toilet is good for the environment and your water bill, and getting part of the price refunded may inspire you to make the transition. However, if you hope to get a rebate for your high-efficiency toilet, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Will you replace more toilets or other water appliances in the future? 

Many programs will limit each household to a single rebate. This means you should try to replace all of your toilets and faucets at the same time in order to get the highest rebate possible. The good news is that in many states, water conservation programs are separate from energy conservation programs, so you may be able to replace your toilets, shower, and sink now and your electronics at a later date while receiving rebates for both. 

Is the toilet you want eligible for a rebate? 

Unfortunately, not all high-efficiency toilets may be eligible for rebates in your area. Most providers will mark which of their products are eligible for rebates. However, if you find a high-efficiency toilet you like, it doesn't hurt to contact the state or federal organization you will be applying through to see if the toilet can be covered. 

How will you apply for the rebate? 

Some stores will help you apply for rebates or point you towards possible rebates for your products. Other times, you will need to collect your purchase details and file for a rebate on your own. If this is the case, you should make sure you have all of the required information and are comfortable with the process. 

When will you receive your rebate? 

Most rebates are not available immediately. Depending on how you apply and what program you are using, you may have to wait a month or longer to receive your rebate. When purchasing your water-saving products, you should make sure to budget for the time it will take to receive your rebate. 

Rebate programs are an excellent benefit to installing high-efficiency toilets. However, it's important you understand how the program works before you make a purchase. If you are interested in conservation rebate programs in your area, you can ask your local supplier of high-efficiency toilets. 

To look for high-efficiency toilets for sale, contact a supplier in your area.