Tips To Help You Pick Out A Sympathy Gift For A Loved One

Posted on: 24 June 2021

If someone you know is going through a difficult time with the loss of a loved one, a life-changing medical situation, or another event that brings them heartache and sadness, sending them a sympathy gift is a great way to show them your concern, care, and love through their hardships. But when you pick out a sympathy gift, it may be difficult to choose the right one to give them. Here are some recommendations to help you pick out the right sympathy gift to send to your loved one.

Consider Their Likes and Customs

When you are purchasing a sympathy gift for someone of a different culture or who has different likes than you do, it is important to consider the specific details of their life before you select a gift. For example, if you are sending a dozen custom cupcakes to someone who does not eat pork, make sure the cupcakes are not decorated with bacon.

Also, remember that flowers are not used in all types of funerals. And if you are sending a funeral bouquet with black bunting to someone of an Asian background, keep in mind that not all countries associate the color black as mourning. China, for example, associates white as a color of mourning, Korea uses blue, and Thailand uses purple.

And if you choose to send some food or a meal to a person, be sure you know any dietary restrictions that they or anyone in their family has. Find out if they have any food allergies or are gluten-intolerant so you can customize their meals specifically for them. Also ask them if they have any foods they do not like so you can exclude them.

Include a Message

After you have selected the right sympathy gift, you will want to include a note that arrives with the gift. This is a great way to communicate to the recipient who the gift is from and to also include some of your thoughts. Think about what the person is going through and express your condolences for their hard experience and the difficult time they are going through. Write the note to let them know you are thinking about them and your concern, but don't let the message sound generic. 

If you need help with the wording, there are some great recommendations for condolence quotes that you can find online. Just be sure you personalize the message to them by using their name and including details about their situation.