Signs You Have Mice And Need Mice Control Services

Posted on: 30 August 2021

Mice can cause so many problems and even be a health issue. This is why you act fast as soon as you notice any signs of mice around your home. If you aren't sure what those signs would be, read the information below. 

Mice can gnaw on many things

Mice have a few needs. They simply require water, food, and a nest. All of these needs can cause them to gnaw on things in your home. For instance, they may gnaw on the food packages in the kitchen for food, they can gnaw on pipes for the water, and they can gnaw on things like furniture upholstery, boxes, and even wires and cords for nesting material. If you find things gnawed on, then most likely you have a rodent problem. 

Mice can make noises

Mice are fairly quiet. However, they can make gnawing noises when they are chewing on things around your house. They can also squeak, especially when there is a litter of babies. If you hear sounds like gnawing, squeaking, or just the sound of things shuffling around, then it may be mice. 

Mice will leave droppings around the house

Mice aren't house trained and they tend to leave droppings wherever they go. These droppings are tiny, dark brown, and about the size and shape of a grain of rice. If you have droppings in your house, then you have mice. 

Mice can be hunted by pets

Your pets can easily detect the presence of mice. So, if you start to notice your pet acting weird and doing things like trying to dig in an area for what looks like no reason, sniffing around areas they normally ignore, or acting very excited around a certain area, they may be looking for a mouse. 

Mice can leave pawprints

If you have ever come out to your car after letting it get a little dusty, then you may have found pawprints from animals like cats. Mice can leave pawprints just like this, only their prints are much smaller. So, if you see something that looks suspicious in a dusty area of your home or garage, look closely. If it appears to be tiny pawprints, you likely have mice. 

If you have any reason to think there are one or more mice in your home, you should get someone from a pest control company to inspect for mice. They can take care of the issue. Contact a mice control service to learn more.