Have Your Plantation Shutters Installed By A Professional For The Best Results

Posted on: 30 November 2021

If you're looking for window treatments that add a beautiful and luxurious touch to your home, consider having plantation shutters installed. These are commonly made of wood, composite wood, or PVC and come in white or natural wood colors. While beautiful, plantation blinds can be tricky to install. Here's why professional plantation shutter installation is a good idea.

The Installer Can Fit Uneven Windows

Before you order your new blinds, you need to take exact measurements of your windows. If you don't measure correctly, there may be gaps along the sides of the blinds that ruin the look of your windows. Precise measurements are important because your windows may not be perfectly square due to settling of your house. The installer takes this into consideration when measuring your windows and then decides on the size to order and the best way to install the shutters.

The Installer Knows The Right Installation Method

Plantation shutters can be installed inside your window frames or on the exterior of the frames. Sometimes, you don't have a choice since the window frame has to be deep enough to hold the shutters, and if your frames are too shallow, then exterior mounting is necessary. Also, if your windows are uneven, then exterior mounting could be the best installation method.

The installation changes the appearance of the shutters, so if you have a choice between mounting methods, you'll want to take appearance into consideration. With inside mounting, the installer can push the shutters toward the back of the frame or bring the shutters forward to be even with the walls. If your windows have very deep frames, ask your experienced installer for advice about achieving the look you desire for your windows.

New plantation shutters can be a big investment for your home, so installing them properly is essential, or you may not get the optimum effect from their style and beauty.

The Installer Can Fit Custom Windows

Installing the shutters in basic rectangular windows is challenging enough, but plantation shutter installation takes on a new level of difficulty when you're having them installed on custom windows with unique shapes. The good thing about these shutters is you can have them custom made to fit just about any window, and when they're installed by a professional, you can be sure the shutters will look nice no matter what shape or size of window they are on.

Plantation shutters look beautiful and provide superior privacy for your home, but only if they are installed properly. Gaps at the sides of the frames are unsightly, and they allow people to see inside your house. Paying for plantation shutter installation is an expense that pays off by making sure the shutters are installed properly and look glamorous while providing the privacy you need.