Choosing A Couch To Go In Front Of A Window

Posted on: 28 February 2022

When you're buying furniture for the living room of your home, you'll need to consider the placement of the windows. Lots of living rooms have multiple windows, so it will be important to choose the right furniture. One option for your living room layout is to feature a couch with its back to one of your windows. When you use this couch to read a book or simply relax, you'll get to enjoy the sunlight as it beams through the window. Here are some tips for choosing the right couch that you'll place in this position.

Appropriate Height

It's useful to assess how high the window sill is above the living room floor. Some windows are quite low, and you don't want to choose a couch that is so tall that its back blocks much of the lower half of the window. Doing so would significantly reduce the amount of natural light that can enter your home, which isn't what you want. When possible, it's ideal to choose a couch in which the back is roughly equal to the height of the window sill.

Light Color

When you place a couch in front of a window, you can expect that this piece of furniture will get several hours of sunlight on it. Dark-colored furniture can often fade as a result of long-term direct sunlight, which may be a concern for you. It can be a better idea to choose a couch that has a lighter-colored fabric. Even if this fabric fades to some degree, the fading may not be nearly as visible as it would be with a darker hue. This can help to keep your couch looking like new for a prolonged period of time.

Back Width

Some couches are very plush, and while this makes them comfortable, it also often means that their back is very wide. While this might not be a concern in some locations, you may wish to choose a couch with a narrow back if you're going to be placing it in front of your living room window. The reason is simple — when the back is narrow, you'll be able to easily reach the window sill to use it as a surface for a drink, your cellphone, or other objects while you sit on the couch. If the back were too wide, it might be too difficult to reach the window sill from where you sit on the couch. Visit a furniture store to shop for living room furniture.