Create A Pet Memorial

Posted on: 2 September 2022

Creating a memorial that represents your pet's final resting spot is one way to honor your recently-deceased companion. A nursery sells trees, decorative landscaping plants, shrubs, and other organic products that can be used to create a unique display.

The Plot Size And Landscaping Variables

A pet's body or ashes are typically placed inside of a biodegradable or non-biodegradable container, prior to being buried. This process will slightly disrupt your property. Use a spade to perform the burial process. Afterward, you should measure the plot where you would like to create the memorial and mark the exact location where your pet is buried. Look at the landscaping features that are already on your land.

Are there any trees near the burial spot that will limit the size of the items that can be used to create a memorial? Are there any distinct vegetation types that are present that you would like to use as complementary accents to the memorial that you will be creating? Your assessment can help you choose some new trees, shrubs, or plants that will collaborate with your landscape design.

If you would like to add some color to your land, you can seek organic products that contain blooms. A nursery will typically feature products that are based upon the season when they are actively growing. Since you likely want to create a permanent memorial, you will want to purchase perennials. Perennial plants will continue growing year after year. Fresh buds and blooms can be enjoyed during each growing season.

The Shopping Trip

Your visit to a nursery should be focused on your pet and the attributes that you would like the memorial to possess. Looking at various products could remind you of some past memories of your pet. If you owned a dog, for example, you may see some tree saplings or young plants that you frequently used to see when you walked your pet. You may want to purchase one of these products and use it as the focal point of the memorial.

Smaller plants can be used to create a border around a sapling, a bush, or another young plant that will grow large in size. Pavers, river rocks, and patio stones are occasionally sold at a nursery. These hardscaping materials can be used to add dimension to the memorial. They can also be used to create a walkway that leads to the memorial.

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