Three P-Trap Options To Consider For Under Your Sink

Posted on: 13 February 2023

If you're planning to install a new sink in one of your bathrooms, this can be a good time to change some of the exposed pipes too. One important piece of pipe to buy is a P-trap, which is the curved section of pipe that is situated below the sink. The P-trap is an important part of the plumbing network, providing a place for water to gather so that odors from the sewer don't travel up the pipe and through your sink drain. A plumbing supply store in your area has all sorts of P-traps in different materials. Here are three P-trap options to buy. 


There are lots of P-traps for sale that use polyvinyl chloride pipe, which is more commonly known as PVC. This plastic material isn't exactly stylish, but it's affordable and easy to work with—both of which can be desirable when you're doing your own plumbing work. You might not mind a PVC P-trap if this piece of plumbing is hidden out of sight. For example, if you have a bathroom sink that sits on a vanity with doors on the front, few people will ever see the P-trap. This can be a good time to consider using PVC.


There are also a lot of brass P-traps on the market. This is a good option if you have a pedestal-style sink in which the pipes are visible to anyone in the bathroom. Brass has a stylish appearance, so you won't mind that people can see your P-trap. A lot of people choose brass P-traps if they have brass elements in the bathroom. For example, if your faucet has a brass finish or there are brass tiles in the backsplash behind your sink, you may feel that brass is a good material for your P-trap.

Stainless Steel

You can also expect to see a number of stainless steel P-traps at your local plumbing supply store. This material offers the shiny metallic finish that many people like. It's often a good fit in a bathroom because lots of bathrooms have stainless steel fixtures. For example, your faucet, the bathtub spout, and shower, and even your toilet paper roll may all have a stainless steel appearance. Stainless steel P-traps tend to be fairly affordable, too, which can be a good option if you have a tight budget for your bathroom remodel.

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