Your Guide To Buying A Frame Tent

Posted on: 3 April 2023

Have you been looking for a tent for your upcoming outdoor event? You might have come across frame tents as an option. Frame tents have become ever more popular lately, and there are various reasons why. They are easy to set up, require no staking or guy lines, and often provide more headroom than other types of tents.

If you're considering a frame tent for your next outdoor gathering, read on to learn more about what you should look for when shopping around.

Size Matters

While you could wing it by simply buying the biggest size tent you can get, you should make sure the frame tent you buy is large enough for your event.

Measure the area where the tent will be set up and make sure that whatever model you choose will fit comfortably with enough room beneath the roof for seating or activities such as dancing or a band setup. Also, factor in any additional elements, such as tables, chairs, or staging, that may need to fit underneath the tent.

Additionally, you should consider the number of people you expect to attend your event. A tent that is too small for the guest list will cause a cramped and uncomfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, having one that is too large will leave large open spaces that won't be used. To find the right balance, plan to have about a few square feet per person, and the height of the frame tent should give you a couple of feet between the floor and ceiling.


Tent fabric should be made with heavy-duty, waterproof materials that will last for years, even when stored outdoors.

Canvas is the most traditional choice, but vinyl provides superior weather protection and durability against wear and tear over time. Both options can be used in any season, but if you plan to use your frame tent in the winter, you could opt for a heavier fabric with low air permeability, such as vinyl. 

Moreover, the stitching should be strong enough to withstand the elements and frequent use, and all the connections should be reinforced to ensure a secure fit. Any zippers or velcro closures should also be high-quality and rust-proof.

Finally, ensure the tent poles are made of a sturdy material such as aluminum or steel that won't bend or break with normal use. Look for poles with extra bracing for added stability, especially if you expect wind or rain. You could also opt for a frame tent with an anchor system so you can securely stake it to the ground.